Your renovation is almost complete

You’ve invested time and money to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. There’s only one thing missing: you need to remove all the dust left over! Our professional cleaning company, can do just that, we can help make your home become pristine and habitable once again
Let iClean deliver the meticulous cleaning your home deserves. Our supervised teams have performed thousands of deep cleanings and will give your home the attention to detail and care it needs to achieve the perfection you want.

Construction and post renovation cleaning is unlike any other cleaning as the dust gets everywhere, even the most conscientious contractor most likely will leave behind a mess.

Our construction and post renovation cleaning teams bring commercial-grade products and tools, including HEPA-filtration vacuums, to tackle the remnants of even the largest renovation.

Every cleaning is inspected by the team’s working Supervisor to ensure that all your expectations will be met.

Finding the right company to provide construction and post renovation cleaning is necessary because not all cleaning services can guarantee efficient services. Since we have been in business for nearly 10 years, and have many satisfied clients, we can give assurance that our professional cleaners can do the job right the first, each and every time.

Every home is different and we value attention to detail as much as you do. While we are in the business of cleaning, it’s our client relationships that we really take to heart. Our clients deserve nothing but the best in service, and we are constantly striving to them smile. As we like to say, there’s no place like home, especially when it’s clean. After all, a clean home is a happy home.

Our goal is to make your home, Home Sweet Home.