With regular use, your carpet, rugs, upholstery are subject to outdoor contaminants, such as soil, dirt, pet odors, mold and other debris that can damage your flooring while leaving your rooms looking and even smelling dirty.

Our carpet cleaners are well-trained and specialized to do the specific job or carpet cleaning. With years of hands on experience learning to operate the equipment. Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly with professional Shampoo Steam Clean Machines; otherwise the dirt will gradually damage the fabric. Dirty carpets can make the environment unhygienic and eventually pollute the air. Likewise, maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet is essential especially if the people living in the house have allergies.

Our carpet cleaning service ensures that your carpet will remain allergen and dust-free. We use equipment and techniques that can effectively remove deep-seated dirt and dust that are not removed by a vacuum cleaner. Some of the techniques we employ include steam cleaning, foam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing and vacuuming. We also use cleaning materials, and eco friendly chemicals that can greatly reduce the stains and spots on the rugs. Carpets are used to enhance the appearance of homes and even offices. That is why hiring our team of professional carpet cleaners should be your first choice.

We employ a combination of extra hot water, eco-friendly chemicals and an emulsifier. The high temperature of water mixed with eco friendly chemicals and our emulsifier means that bacteria and other debris are completely broken down at the very root of the fibers and powerful vacuums are then used to completely remove the remaining particles.